Sunday, September 20, 2009

Interview with Adelaine LaGuardia

About two weeks ago, I was sitting in a car, next to my friend, going to his home town... I was looking out of the window thinking: 'what the hell? I'm in freaking Brazil! freaking crazy...' I was very happy with this thought, I just wanted to scream I was so thrilled, I wanted to show people what I was doing... And so then it came to me: why don't I show people?
I'm in journalism here, they want me making reports on things and what not... Well that was part 1 of the documentary idea that is being formulated... The assignment is to make a report on something going on in the city. So why not do it on the exchange program between NMSU and UFSJ? So I set out to start creating questions to interview people with but instead of just writing them down, I would film so that at the end of the year here, maybe I could put together a little documentary of my exchange program. So this past week, I have done two in person interviews and two email interviews. I plan to do another 2 more before I turn in my report which I will also post here when I am finished with it (portuguese and english versions). So here is one of the interviews; it is with Adelaine LaGuardia, the exchange program coordinator here at UFSJ. Although she does speak english, the final report must be in portuguese so I hope you all can understand!!!

Cyrille Gindreau 9-20-09


  1. Elle est jolie la professeur de Portuguais - mais on entend pas ce qu'elle dit - la musique est trop forte!

  2. Wonderful Interview !!